two way radios for construction & agriculture

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    HT446 Series Portable Submersible Licence Free Radio


    The HT446 series showcases ultimate performance and customisation; designed for business users who require a reliable and rugged communications solution, suitable for a wide range of applications with submersible functionality.

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    MD655 Digital Mobile Radio


    The Hytera MD655 DMR digital mobile radio is ideal for installation into vehicles where there is little available space in or under the dashboard. The MD655 is designed to use a remote control microphone with the transceiver located in the boot.

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    TB7100 Series Slimline Base Station


    The TB7100 series slimline base station is an affordable and high performance base station which benefits from continuous duty operation. Available in various frequencies and power alternatives.

    Ideal for broadcast talkback applications as well as in conventional analogue radio networks.

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    TC-620 Series Portable Radio


    A cost effective and rugged portable radio with superb audio quality from its 40mm high power speaker. The speaker is further protected by a specially designed metal grille helping to prevent intrusion by foreign objects and liquids.

    The TC-620 is designed to be seen – evidenced by its smart grey rubber housing a metal nameplate. Ideal for users in ‘front of house’ applications such as offices, shopping centres and hospitality. A comprehensive range of features includes high and low power, low battery alert and battery save function to extend battery performance.

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    TK-D240 DMR Budget Digital Portable Radio


    The Kenwood TK-D240 and TK-D340 digital radios are designed to operate on the DMR digital standard. Lightweight, slim yet very rugged they are purpose built for professional users who need a reliable easy to use radio, at a low price but with a host of safety features including lone worker and the call interrupt function that allows an emergency call to interrupt another call in progress.