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    BrabourneProtect Lone Working System


    A simple yet proven solution for protecting staff at work, BrabourneProtect works by sending lone worker and man down alarms off site to other two way radios or telephones. This ensures that managers can remain informed about the status of their lone workers without being within range of the site radio system.

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    DT522/582 IECEx DMR/Analogue Portable Radio

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    Exceptional audio quality and clarity are hallmarks of the Entel DT522/582 series of IECEx rated radios. The ergonomically designed form factor ensures ease of use, even with gloved hands. Rugged design is built in and includes class leading IP68 submersibility. This means that the DT522/582 series radios can be submerged in up to 2 metres of water for up to 4 hours.

    Approved for use in hazardous areas to IECEx Exib IIA T4Gb the Entel DT522/582 I.S radios will operate in either analogue or digital modes. Safety features include emergency button, lone worker and man down options.. In addition a useful call interrupt feature is included.

    Ease of use is ensured with the easy to view high contrast OLED display. The screen is customizable so that you can view simple large characters or smaller more detailed in formation.

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    NX-720/820 Series Nexedge/dPMR Mobile Radios


    The NX-720 and NX-820 Series of mobile radios combines Kenwoods famous Nexedge digital technology with the latest dPMR standard available as a flash upgrade. A compact radio with large easy to read display, the TK-720/820 Series offers business users the best of both worlds in analogue and digital communications technology. AVAILABLE IN EITHER NEXEDGE OR dPMR VERSIONS. PLEASE SPECIFY WHEN ORDERING.

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    NXR-5700E/NXR-5800E VHF/UHF Digital & FM Repeater Base Station


    Much faster and with a greater capacity than earlier models, the Kenwood NXR-5700E and NXR-5800E wideband VHF/UHF base stations are a major step forward in performance and capability.

    They support both analogue and digital conventional systems right through to the most sophisticated NEXEDGE Generation2 [Gen 2] multi site digital trunked networks.

    For a full list of their capabilities download the datasheet below.

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    PD405 Series Digital Portable Radio


    The Hytera PD405 and PD415 are both available in VHF and UHF bands. Lightweight and rugged, weighing only 260g with standard battery the PD4XX is a professional radio with some clever features including an embedded RFID reader.

    The new PD485 adds even more functionality with a full keypad and 1.3 inch OLED display. Also available with built in Bluetooth and GPS for location services [option]

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    PD605 Series Digital Portable Radio


    Slim, very rugged and stylish, the Hytera PD605 series is available in 3 versions and in VHF and UHF frequency bands. One of our most popular digital radios the PD605 series is priced from about ??300 and is packed with useful, features. Built to the highest MIL STDS and submersible [IP67].

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    PD700 Series DMR Digital Portable Radio


    The Hytera PD705,PD755, PD785 and PD785G offer class leading features making it the perfect business radio. The entry level version – PD705LT offers 48 channels, basic scrambler and encryption, lone worker and useful DMR features. The more advanced PD755, PD785 and PD785G versions offer GPS, man down, full colour displays and many more advanced features.

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    SLR5500 High Power Repeater


    The SLR5500 is the latest base station repeater from Motorola. Designed with small and large systems in mind the SLR5500 has huge built in expansion capability.

    The Motorola SLR5500 operates in multiple modes including: DMR conventional, IP Site Connect, Capacity Plus, Linked Capacity Plus, mixed mode digital/analogue conventional and MPT1327.

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    TB7100 Series Slimline Base Station


    The TB7100 series slimline base station is an affordable and high performance base station which benefits from continuous duty operation. Available in various frequencies and power alternatives.

    Ideal for broadcast talkback applications as well as in conventional analogue radio networks.

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    TK-D740E DMR Digital Mobile Radio


    Kenwood TK-D740E series mobile radios have all the advantages of the widely employed DMR digital standard, at a low price. Ideal for all business users that need to stay in touch with their staff whilst on the move. Compact and rugged these tough mobile radios provide ultra clear natural sounding audio thanks to the AMBE+2 Vocoder and voice annunciation feature.

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    TKR-D710/810E DMR Base Station Series


    The Kenwood TKR-D710/810 Series DMR base station repeaters provide performance, reliability and ultimate flexibility in wide area, multi channel voice and data systems.