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    DM4000e Series Digital Mobile Radio


    Versatile and powerful, MOTOTRBO combines the best of two-way radio functionality with the latest digital technology. DM4000 Series radios integrate voice and data seamlessly, offer enhanced features that are easy to use, and deliver operations-critical advantages like integrated Bluetooth and Intelligent Audio. New capabilities have been added to the ‘e’ versions of these radios.

    For full details view the Highlights document or download the datasheet.

    Check out the Motorola Product Features Comparison Chart to find the most suitable radio for you.

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    eVerge EVX-5300/5400 Digital Mobile Radios


    The eVerge EVX-5300 and 5400 digital mobile radios from Vertex operate in both analogue and digital modes, so can esily be used with your existing radio equipment. eVerge uses the TDMA protocol which gives better range and is more power efficient. Call quality is another benefit of TDMA digital technology. These radios are available in both VHF and UHF bands.

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    IC-F5012/6012 Entry Level Mobile Radio


    The ICOM IC-F5012 [VHF] and IC-F6012 [UHF] mobile radios succeed the ICOM IC-F110S radios and are ideal for the small to medium sized business user. A comprehensive range of features includes beep and answer call back, PTT ID, Auto Tx and stun/kill and revive. An LED display and 8 memory channels make the IC-F5102 and IC-F6102 simple to operate under all conditions.

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    IC-F5022 Series Mobile Radio


    The IC-F5022 series retains the features from its predecessor (IC-F110 series), while providing additional functionality found on more expensive radio communications equipment, making it suitable for a variety of markets including security, transport and agriculture. Built to MIL-STD 810F, the IC-F5022 series is heavy duty making it suitable for use in a range of environments.

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    IC-F5062 Series Digital Mobile Radio


    The IC-F5062 series is a revolutionary digital mobile radio series, with the addition of IDAS (ICOM Digital Advance System) which provides multiple benefits to business users. The IC-F5062 VHF and IC-F6062 UHF digital mobile radios are analogue capable thereby allowing for seamless migration to digital radios for existing analogue users.

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    IC-F5400D/IC-F6400D Digital Mobile Radio


    With multiple controller configurations, two frequency bands and two control head styles, the new ICOM IC-F5400D/6400D digital mobile radio is designed to meet the ever changing needs of small and large businesses.

    The IC-F5400D/6400D is a new generation of mobile radio and brings cutting edge design, class leading performance and a wide range of features. All based on a flexible, upgradable, multi protocol platform.

    Select from a numeric display or full colour graphic display control head, plus either a remote controller, dual head controller or the ICOM COMMANDMIC and detached controller options.

    The IC-F5400D/6400D employs active noise cancelling technology for superior audio quality under all conditions, and makes available digital voice recording via an on board 32Gb microSD card.

    Built in Bluetooth, an upgrade path to IDAS digital trunking, high level encryption options and OTAP and OAA make the IC-F5400D/6400D ideal for the most sophisticated radio user requirements.

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    MD615 Series Digital Mobile Radio


    A range of useful features make the new Hytera MD615 and MD 625 digital mobile radios stand out from the crowd. Compact design permits ease of installation in vehicles. Available in UHF frequency bands and in either 25W or 45W transmit power. The MD615 has a large, easy to read LCD display whilst the MD625 features a 1.5 in LCD display. Both radio models are capable of channel scan and multi site roaming, pseudo trunk operation and dual mode operation [analogue and digital]. This makes adding new radios to an existing fleet simple and seamless.

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    MD785i Series Advanced DMR Mobile Radio


    Characterized by superb performance, high reliability and strong expandability, the MD785 mobile radio family will enrich your communication experience. The MD700 series digital mobile radios have an ergonomic design which includes a large-size colour display, an easy channel selection and volume control with one knob operation, a powerful speaker and 7 programmable keys.

    With the launch of the new and improved MD785i, Hytera are offering a DMR mobile radio with even more capability. This includes improved RF performance such as higher receive sensitivity and better frequency stability, a special UART cable allows the MD785i radio to be connected to repeaters. In a situation where an IP multi site connection is unavailable the MD785i acts as a wireless connection to keep communications flowing.

    Further enhancements include improved GPS position detection and UHF versions are now capable of operating in full duplex so allowing the MD785i to become a single frequency repeater ??? extending radio coverage for other radio users.

    The option board can now be accessed via the CPS allowing users to transfer data to other devices

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    NX-3720GE/NX-3820GE NXDN/DMR/FM Digital Mobile Radio


    The Kenwood NX-3720GE and NX-3820GE are powerful and adaptable NXDN/DMR compatible mobile radios.. The NX-3720E [VHF] and NX-3820E UHF radios also support mixed digital and analogue FM operation.

    Its flexible design includes useful features such as Bluetooth for safe hands free operation. In addition the control head is removable and, with the optional KCT-71M2 or KCT-71M3 or KCT-71M4 control cables permits remote operation of the radio. Particularly useful with the space limitations of modern vehicles.

    Further customization is possible with the addition of any of the software upgrade licences including encryption options ,AVL and dispatch applications, front panel programming capability etc.

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    NX-700 Digital Series Mobile Radio


    The Kenwood NX-700 series digital mobile radios are designed to meet the communication requirements of private enterprises. The series features NEXEDGE technology which extends the life of current radio system assets.

    Suitable for businesses that want an easy migration path from analogue to digital radio communications.

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    SDM730 DMR Advanced Mobile Radio


    The Simoco SDM730 series of advanced DMR mobile radios are feature packed and are the ideal choice for the professional radio user. Available in 3 frequency bands including VHF [136-174MHz] and wideband UHF [400-470MHz & 450-520MHz] most users requirements are covered. Two transmit power levels [25W and 45W] complete the portfolio. Furthermore the SDM730 can be specified with an integral GPS engine for vehicle tracking/location services as well as with Bluetooth for wireless operation. A full duplex version allows for telephone style calls to be made via the radio. The SDM730 is an advanced radio that has significant growth potential as it is supplied with an industry standard API [Application Program Interface] for third party applications.

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    SRM9000 Series Mobile Radio


    The SRM9000 series mobile radios meet the needs of users who are wanting the simplest voice communication to the most demanding, with its range of options that’s perfect for your business. The SRM9000 series provides a reliable, high quality and flexible range of solutions.

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    TK-7180/8180 Series Mobile Radio


    The TK-7180/8180 series offers an outstanding range of advanced features which will play a vital role in the latest fleet control and dispatch applications. The mobile radios benefit from MIL STD 810 C/D/E/F environmental standards meaning they can survive harsh weather. They are also IP54/55 classified meaning they are protected against dust and water intrusion. The series also benefits from keypad options. The TK-7189 and TK-8189 both have full keypads to access more features.

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    TK-7302E Series Mobile Radio


    The new TK-7302 VHF and TK-8302 mobile radios from Kenwood are compact, durable radios with a high specification and low price. With wide band coverage [70MHz in UHF] and featuring high quality audio, voice announcement and large display these radios are easy to operate day or night.

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    TK-7360/8360 Series Mobile Radio


    The mid-tier TK-7360 and TK-8360 radios from Kenwood offer a comprehensive range of features at a very competitive price. Available in either VHF or UHF versions with upto 25 watts of transmit power, a large backlit LCD display and 128 channel capacity, this radio is perfect for business and industry users.

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    TM600 Series Compact Mobile Radio


    The TM600 series is a powerful and compact mobile radio, with password protection for additional security. Available in VHF and UHF frequency bands. The TM-600 Series is the lowest priced mobile radio in our portfolio but it does not lacfor advanced features. A powerful 25W Tx power and 8 or 128 channel capacity makes it the perefect radio for taxi operators.