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    PT580H Plus TETRA Radio Terminal


    The Hytera PT508H Plus is a rugged IP67 submersible rated TETRA radio terminal packed with advanced features. A high transmit power output of 3W gives excellent RF performance and built in man down and GPS offers a high level of safety for radio users.

    PT580H Plus supports all the popular TETRA voice and data services but also includes direct mode [DMO] and trunked radio mode [TMO] and ETSI type 1A DMO repeater mode thereby boosting the coverage area for other radio terminal users.

    The unique and patented combined radio and GPS antenna is centrally mounted. This separates the two top mounted radio controls making the radio easy to use by operators wearing gloves. It also reduces the chance of accidental operation of a radio function.

    The PT580 Plus is complemented by a wide range of audio and other accessories making this the go to TETRA radio terminal for professional radio users.

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    PTC760 TETRA/LTE Multi Mode Portable Radio

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    The Hytera PTC760 is a truly multi mode hybrid radio which in this format is configured to operate in either TETRA or LTE mode. The PTC760 is the perfect platform for mission critical operations and offers a truly unified communication experience with multiple connectivity options.

    Highlights include dual Bluetooth [V4.2] providing a high data rate and low power consumption. Flexible applications are available via the Hytera app developer program [ADP]. You can also push APK files to the PTC760 to improve efficiency.

    The PTC760 is designed to roam seamlessly from TETRA to LTE networks and also includes dual SIM card slots for GSM network coverage. With built in wi-fi and OTAP, the PTC760 offers access to the widest range of applications and can even operate as a wi-fi hotspot.