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    eVerge EVX-R70 Digital Base Station


    eVerge EVX-R70 base stations from Vertex are available in either UHF or VHF and will operate in analogue or digital mixed mode. Low and high power versions are available depending on requirements.

    The eVerge EVX-R70 is compatible with most other DMR radios from all manufacturers ensuring you can build your radio system at the most competitive prices.

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    NXR-700 Series Base Station


    The NXR-700 series digital base stations boast NEXEDGE technology which extends the life of current radio system assets and meets the needs of private enterprises. The major benefit of the digital technology is that it allows companies to gradually migrate their communications system as it is compatible with analogue radios.

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    RD985 Series Digital Repeater


    The Hytera RD985 digital repeater is available in UHF & VHF configurations. A professional repeater built to the DMR standard the RD985 integrates powerful digital features such as both analogue and digital call support, high level encryption, two simultaneous calls through the same base and IP connectivity.

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    RP500 Series Base Station


    The Entel RP500 Series portable base station/repeater is available in different frequency bands, including VHF low band [66-88MHz and 2 UHF bands. The ‘R’ version is fitted with an internal duplexer to allow it to operate as a repeater with single antenna working. The RP500 also has an external interface to enable connection to telephone systems. An optional voice scrambler module improves voice security.

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    SDB670 DMR Base Station/Repeater


    Supporting instant push-to-talk voice communications and VoIP telephone connectivity as well as open-standards applications support, the Simoco Xd digital base station is more than just a radio repeater. Each SDB670 forms the bridge between groups of radios and extends this to the world of IP.

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    SRM9000 Series Base Station


    The SRM9000 has been transformed into a base station with the addition of a TSX2000 PSU, providing users with a reliable and customisable communications solution which can increase your coverage.

    Note: Images on all variants shows SRM9030 for illustration purposes only

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    SRM9000 Series Desktop Base Set

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    MA-DESKBASE-SDM Desktop Base Set (Order SDM610, SDM922 and SDM630 separately)

    Converts the Simoco SDM610, SDM622 and SDM630 into a mains powered desktop base station.

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    SRP Repeater Series


    Designed to enhance coverage of a two-way radio system, the cost effective SRP repeater series uses a combination of ICOM IC-F5012/F6012 entry level mobile radios and can be used as a VHF to VHF (SRP-V11), UHF to UHF (SRP-U11), or cross band repeater (SRP-X11).

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    TB7100 Series Slimline Base Station


    The TB7100 series slimline base station is an affordable and high performance base station which benefits from continuous duty operation. Available in various frequencies and power alternatives.

    Ideal for broadcast talkback applications as well as in conventional analogue radio networks.

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    TKR-751 Series Base Station Repeater


    The TKR-751 series hosts a range of high performance features, suitable for business use. Using a repeater allows users to increase the range of mobile and portable radio coverage. With a battery backup system, the repeater automatically switches to a 12v battery* if the AC power supply ever fails. Constructed of die-cast aluminium, the chassis has an integrated heat sink which provides users with a durable and reduced weight communications solution.

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    TRP Transportable Repeater


    The ICOM TRP Series base station is a rack mount base station that can be operated as a repeater, either with 2 antenna working or with the addition of an external duplexor. Available in both VHF [136-174MHz] and UHF [403-470MHz] frequency bands, and in either 25W or 50W power outputs.

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    TSF Lite Series Base Station


    The TSF Lite series boasts a range of cost effective, slimline and high performance base stations, featuring technology used in the popular SRM9000 series; providing an ideal communications solution where landline control is not needed.

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    TSF2000 Series Base Station


    The TSF2000 series is a slimline and cost effective base station, designed for system managers. With flexible compatibility and full Microsoft Windows based programming, it is an outstanding communications solution.

    Designed for use with sophisticated radio communications networks. The TSF2000 series can be specified with various transmit outputs and multiple frequency bands.

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    VXR-7000 Series Base Station


    The VXR-7000 series boasts an extensive list of in-built features, setting the standard for continuous duty, mid-power base station/repeater applications. Designed for long term reliability, the VXR-7000 offers un-rivaled performance and features for Public Safety and many industry segments.

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    VXR-9000 Series Base Station


    The Vertex VXR-9000 series base station is reliable in operation, and flexible in setup options. It is a high-tech 25-Watt FM repeater designed for advanced commercial applications.

    Easy to install, either rack or wall mount and quick to program and set up.

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    Xfin Base Series Base Station


    The Xfin Base series showcases a completely new concept in conventional base station technology; combining the same IP principles that creates the centre of the XFin Blade series trunked solution that’s software and IP controlled.